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Christy Cutie Spanking Model

UPDATED May 20 Join our Free Newsletter Seeing as you have found this site - you more than likely feel like us about Christy Cutie. This amazing spanking model has a face like an angel – so sweet and innocent looking - with the body of an adorable woman and – we have saved the best for last - a wonderful round spankable bottom. On a score of 1-10 with 10 being the highest and best, Christy has been awarded a perfect 10 in all aspects! Visit our free galleries and videos below, and have a look into Christy’s life as a spanking model - sometimes taking over the role of the dom with some of the most beautiful bottoms laid across her knees, but more often as a sub, receiving a corporal punishment that she so richly deserves.

Just how far will she be allowed to go on being defiant and cheeky towards her teachers, husband or her superiors before she finds herself lying face down over their knee - on the receiving end of a bottom warming spanking?

May 20Pretty Christy's long hard spanking - Part One

Dressed in a sexy little black dress with pretty black lace panties underneath, Christy presents herself to Chelsea of a disciplinary and erotic spanking adventure. She goes over Chelsea's knee and the red hot spanking begins, at first by hand, but soon a little stingy paddling comes into play!

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  77.7 %
May 18Punished for porn - Casey spanked in front of her best friend

Casey Spanked OTK in front of her Best Friend Casey and Christy are at Casey's house looking at naughty pictures. But Casey's Daddy is home, and he knows she knows better than to look at porn. Daddy makes Christy watch as he puts Casey over his knee and and spanks her ass raw. He lifts up her tiny skirt to reveal her tight little bottom. Her cheeks redden as she wiggles and struggles against the pain of Daddy's hand and leather paddle. She's been in trouble before for bringing smut into the ...

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  69.4 %
Brutal bare bottom caning of Christy Everspank

Christy has her bottom bared, secured by leather straps over the punishment table. Her ass and thighs are brutally caned with an assortment of canes til she is welted purple and sobbing. SEVERE DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE.

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  75.9 %
The defiance of Christy Everspank
HDspankingm/fleather paddle

Christy Everspank has volunteered as tribute for the Spanking Games to spare her best friend Alex. The Head SpankMaster orders her to the training center for evaluation, determined to choose the most resilient bottom for the Games by pushing her to the breaking point. Ordered over the exam table for a spanking, her shorts soon pulled down to reveal her blatant act of defiance. Her bright pink panties are emblazoned with the words NAUGHTY, NOT NICE to taunt the the authority of the Capital. Her ...

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  77.5 %
The trick that was not a treat
HDspankingf/fotkwooden paddle

Chelsea was busy with holiday tasks, so she asked Christy to send a few holiday cards to some business contacts. She offered to pay Christy two dollars for every card sent. After writing and printing out a neice message for Chrsty to copy to each card by hand, Chelsea leaves, confident that the task will be well done. When one of the cards shows up in Chelsea's mailbox, returned with a nasty message, not only from the recipient by apparently by Chelsea herself. Christy decided it would be funny ...

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  71.1 %

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