UPDATED January 19, 2017

Christy Cutie Spanking Model

Seeing as you have found this site - you more than likely feel like us about Christy Cutie. This amazing spanking model has a face like an angel – so sweet and innocent looking - with the body of an adorable woman and – we have saved the best for last - a wonderful round spankable bottom. On a score of 1-10 with 10 being the highest and best, Christy has been awarded a perfect 10 in all aspects! Visit our free galleries and videos below, and have a look into Christy’s life as a spanking model - sometimes taking over the role of the dom with some of the most beautiful bottoms laid across her knees, but more often as a sub, receiving a corporal punishment that she so richly deserves.

Just how far will she be allowed to go on being defiant and cheeky towards her teachers, husband or her superiors before she finds herself lying face down over their knee - on the receiving end of a bottom warming spanking?

Jan 19Make the bed or get bent over it
HDbelt spankingpaddlehairbrush spankingspanking

Christy sheepishly walks into the bedroom to be corrected for her messy bed. He's had enough of her unmade bed decides to bend her over for a painful reminder on her plump bottom. His belt slide through the loops, colliding with her pajama clad bottom cheeks. She protests loudly, soon pulled across his knee for a hard fast spanking. Her bottom will soon be bared for proper discipline with a variety of effective tools. A thick wood hairbrush, paddle, and belt will be used to teach her a lesson, ...

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Jan 17Hard paddling on jeans and bare
HDspankingm/fseverewooden paddlejeans spanking

After her discipline is over, Christy gets ready to head back to college. Knowing that a nice warm bottom is her favorite reminder of Daddy's attention, she is asked if she would like some swats for the road. A heavy frat paddle is applied vigorously to the seat of her skin tight Levis as she braces herself over the desk. Over 100 swats in all with the final on her swollen red bare bottom. The crack of the paddle on her searing flesh leaves distinct white hot blisters as she moans.

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Jan 13Bare bottom doggystyle strapping

A final reminder to obey, the willful housewife is ordered onto her hands and knees for a painful strapping. The razor strop cracks down with authority.she is thoroughly sorry, yelping and throbbing under the onslaught. She will be trained and learn to obey, subjected to regular reminders and a very sore bottom.

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HDspankingm/fotkwooden paddle

She is ordered to hand him a paddle, protesting loudly as cracks across the seat of her panties. The thick wood punishes deeply into her flesh raising angry red spanks. She cries frantic begging for mercy and kicking her legs. He continues to punish her, determined to teach her a lesson.

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Bottoms up
HDspankingf/fotkwooden paddle

Chelsea comes home after a hard day at work, looking forward to the beer that she's saved special for this occasion. But, when she looks in the fridge, there's no beer. Guess who she finds sitting on the couch enjoying a nice, cold beer? The beer is the only thing that remains cold once Chelsea gets a hold of Christy and gets her OTK. There's a good deal of hard hand spanking and then a stinging paddling for naughty Christy!

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